Duct Installations & Repairs Providing superior duct work for 20 years.

The ductwork in your home is an important part of your HVAC system. It ensures your HVAC system's performance and efficiency, which is why it needs to be in good condition all the time. When your duct system has holes, becomes loose, or is clogged up, it can cause airflow and energy loss. Our HVAC specialists are knowledgeable in determining the condition of your ductwork. For over 20 years, Palmetto Air Conditioning has installed, repaired, and cleaned ductwork in Lexington and nearby areas.

Our Lexington duct installation technicians are trained and have experience in handling different duct systems. We use the latest tools and technology to ensure the quality of our work. Lexington Ductwork Services We Offer:

  • Inspection of existing ductwork
  • Diagnosis and repair
  • Ductwork replacement
  • Ductwork installation
  • Duct Cleaning and maintenance

If your ductwork needs repair, replacement, or cleaning, you can rest assured that our specialists are competent in exploring efficient solutions that are within your budget. When you come to us with your HVAC problems, you can count on our technicians to provide an honest assessment and upfront pricing before we proceed with the job. At Palmetto Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers, and we can only achieve that by giving you the right value for your money through quality service.